As it ran, it included four singles, a ‘record of the week’, funnily
enough a major hit in France, two gold albums, a string of
covers, a few famous jingles (Flake and Cocopops), and
fronting a London pub-gig band with Paul Jones beside me
on harp (Manfred Mann and Blues Band), playing such worthy
venues as The Half Moon, The 100 Club, The Marquee and
Dingwalls Camden Town. 

Then there were a hundred bars and beaches, singing fom
a stool, often on my second home, the island of Mykonos in
Greece. The ‘escape route’. My Shangri-La.

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Along the way I’ve worked with Chris Farlowe, Bonny Tyler, Gary
Numan, Guy Barker, Paul Young, Dame Edna Everage, Joss Stone
and most of all, the brilliant Madeline Bell. And talking of brilliant,
they don’t come any better than the singers and musicians on
“Songs in F”. Some were from the band days, some were brand
new, but they became a unit, they were all a joy to work with,
and we had such fun just doing it.

That’s the key. Music is to be enjoyed, whatever emotion it brings
forth, whatever nerve it touches. Neitze got it in one when he wrote
“life without music would be a mistake”.

I rest his case.

And I gotta go now. Louis’ coming on...........