Last night I shook hands with the man who invented rock’n’roll
sax with Fats Domino, now sitting in a boogie woogie jump
band at 83 years old. A true music godfather.

But on to the album. “Slightly scared” has been around the block
a bit, the result of running out on my first ever love affair. The rest
settle the score, the result of my latest flame running out on me!
(although she prefers ‘walked’).

Life with Fiona has bounced up and down a bit, and it still
bounces, but it’s been the catalyst for the conception, the
writing and the recording of “Songs in the key of F”.
She’s a one-off, and one-offs have a habit of inspiring you.

In between these romantic landmarks lies a life as a singer-
songwriter often inspired, surprise surprise, by love lost
and won.

Other notable influences would be Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan,
Billy Joel, ELton John, Van Morrison, and, these days,
Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan. Oh and of course,
on “Mandalay” my mum!

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Sitting in a club in the heart of Paris seems as good a place as any to start the web piece. The guy coming on is meant to be a bit Louis Armstrong, so he’ll do.