We met on a beach, and eighteen months later, parted
on the same beach. That beach has a bit to answer for.
“Songs in the key of F” surfaced in its wake, largely
charting the ups and downs of life with, without and
with Fiona (along with one for my mum).

The writing took a year, as we settled into a beautiful studio
on Primrose Hill called Mayfair. A Mecca to the stars, from
Madonna to Tina to Radiohead, the walls were papered
with platinum discs. Perhaps it would rub off.

With impeccable timing, Fiona came back into my life to see
the band come in. My favourite musicians camped out in the
studio for a few days to enhance, embellish and bring the
songs to life. Democratically and emotionally, Andy, Brett,
Alan and Dave added the body and the beauty.

Then came the icing, as Priscilla, Tommy and Lincoln brought
in the gospel edge. All with their own careers, as a unit on back-up
vocals they’re the best in the land. Two days with a string quartet,
a Hammond and a Fender Rhodes saw Dave Arch classically
and seamlessly complete the recording.

Now for the mix. The whole album’s live. No machines. No
clockwork. No synth. Savvas, engineer par excellant and
co-producer, over weeks and months, added the organic
clockwork, the editing and the fine-tuning.

Finally mixed back at Mayfair and mastered at Unity, the project
was done, save for Christina’s expansive photography, and
Richard and John’s beautiful artwork. It’s all been fun, it’s all
been a joy, and it’s been its own reward.

A real labour of love............so to speak.